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Senior Spotlight - Jimmy Kay #6

By Pat Isaac, 01/03/19, 12:45PM EST


Fifth Installment of the 2019 Senior Spotlight

Jimmy Kay - Defense - #6

1. What are your plans after high school? If going to college, what college (if you know) and what do you want to study there? Will you be playing hockey anywhere after HS?

Jimmy: After high school I plan on attending college for either Teaching or Business.

2. What is your favorite school subject.

Jimmy: History

3. Who is/was your favorite teacher (could be any teacher, all the way back to grade school even) at Mars and why?

Jimmy: I’ve had some great teachers at Mars but my favorite so far has had to be Mr. Staines because he was just a cool guy and a good teacher.

4. What person (other than your parents, you can talk about your parents in a later question) has had the greatest influence on you and why?

Jimmy: My older brothers Shane and Tyler have always had a big influence on things I do and on giving me life advice.

5. What is your favorite memory of your Mars Hockey career so far?

Jimmy: My favorite Mars Hockey memory so far has probably been when we beat Armstrong on our senior night my Junior year, or when we beat Hampton in a shootout last year.

6. What is your favorite movie?

Jimmy: The Life of Pi

7. What is your favorite book?

Jimmy: The Magic Treehouse

8. What is your favorite food?

Jimmy: Either my Dads home made Fettuccine Alfredo, or my Moms Turkey Tetrazzini.

9. How many siblings do you have and their names?

Jimmy: I have two older brothers named Shane and Tyler, and I have a younger sister Tia, and younger brother Christian.

10. If your life was made into a movie, what actor would you want to play you?

Jimmy: Joseph Gordon Levitt

11. If you had the chance to have dinner with one person from history (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Jimmy: Probably Mac Miller because he seems like he would be a cool guy to sit and have a chat with.

12. What is one thing you cannot live without?

Jimmy: Water

13. What is the best vacation you ever took?

Jimmy: My hands down favorite vacation I’ve taken so far has been when we went to Hawaii my Sophomore year.

14. Feel free to write anything you want in this section, a note to your parents, current teammates, coaches or anything you would like to say that wasn’t answered in the questions.

Jimmy: I just want to thank everyone in the Mars Hockey Organization for making my time here great and unforgettable.