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Jr Planets: 2012 and 2013 Players Needed

By Brian Crowley, 06/11/23, 3:30PM EDT


2012 and 2013 Mars Hockey Parents,

We are pleased to announce that Mars Hockey will be entering its Junior Planets (12U) team into the Alpha Scholastic League.  As you may know, the Junior Planets are the 2x defending champions of the league.  While winning has been fun, winning 15-1 is not the best from a development standpoint.  Therefore, we are going to mix it up a little next season.  For starters, We have pushed up the majority of the 2011s up into a newly formed Middle School 2 team.  As a result, the Junior Planets will primarily (i.e. not necessarily entirely) play as a 2012 and 2013 team next season.   While the 2013 players are not 12U by definition, many if not most other teams will do the same thing for development and roster purposes.  We are confident that our talented group of 2012-2013s will be very competitive in this league. Importantly, there will be placement games to determine if we play in the A or B division of the league.

The Junior Plantes participation level has been tremendous over the past few seasons.  With that, there are games that too many players can play and coaches/team managers need to select/deselect players for a game.  Our coaches and team managers carefully track game participation, and choices are made to ensure each player receives ample game time.  For example, if there are 15 games in a season then your player should be able to play in 12 or more.  This provides us/you flexibility since most players cannot make all the games anyway due to club hockey, school, illness, injury, and other reasons.  A large squad also keeps the cost low.

If you are interested in having your player participate, please read through the information below and then register your player using this link:


  • 15 games plus playoffs.
  • Games are weeknights and usually one per week.
  • Game location is either Alpha Ice or Shady Side Academy
  • 3-4 practices this summer and 1-2 practices per month during the season (Oct-Mar).
  • Practices are at Baierl Ice and 1-2 North Park Rink (outdoor)



  • Expected to approximately $575 but will depend on the number of players registered.
  • Fee includes two practice quality (AK knit brand) jerseys.  



  • 12U School Division
  • Must live in Mars Area School District (virtual school players who live in Mars school district are welcome).
  • Games are three 13 minute periods
  • 15 games Plus Playoffs
  • No Checking
  • Playing rules will be those used by USA hockey



  • October – Mid-March
  • Game days – Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings.
  • Games begin October 8th 2020
  • League Playoffs in early to Mid-March
  • All major tournament weekends for amateur hockey will be bye weeks