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Register Now: Summer Elementary Development Program

By Brian Crowley, 05/11/22, 10:45AM EDT


Mars Hockey Club is pleased to announce that it will be running its summer development clinics for 2011, 2012, and 2013 birth year players (boys and girls).  All players must reside/live in the Mars Area School District to be eligible to participate.  Players who attend private schools or home schools, but live in the Mars school district are welcome to attend.  We ask that you forward this information onto other Mars Hockey player families.  We know lots of them, but certainly not all of them.  This is our second year offering the summer development program, and we have made a few changes from last year.  Please see the information below.

Registration:  All players are required to register using the link below:

Registration Link:

Fees: There will be a $50 fee that will cover a maximum of three sessions.  If your player no shows or cancels, we will try to reschedule them for later sessions.  However, there are limits on the number of players and coaches permitted on the ice and it may not be possible.  There will be no prorations or refunds, so please plan to make as many of your three designated sessions as possible. Checks should be made out to Mars Hockey, Inc.  Cash, Venmo, and PayPal are not accepted/available at this time. Please bring the check to the first session your player attends.

Sessions:  As part of your registration, you may choose three (3) or less of the six (6) sessions below.

  • Sat, June 4 9:00AM-10:20AM
  • Sat, June 11 9:00AM-10:20AM
  • Sat, June 25 9:00AM-10:20AM
  • Sat, July 9 9:00AM-10:20AM
  • Sat, July 16 9:00AM-10:20AM
  • Sat, July 23 9:00AM-10:20AM

Coaches:  We are pleased to announce that Levi Rodgers will be leading the sessions with the assistance of Mars coaches and Mars High School players.

Jerseys: Players can wear any club or practice jerseys they want.  However, you will see some players with Mars practice jerseys that have been purchased through K&B Outfitters (see link below and look for "Elementary Jersey - Mars") .  If you are interested in purchasing a Mars white or navy jersey, please see the link below. You may choose to pay extra for last name and number as well.  A few key things to be clear:

  • These practice jerseys are NOT required to participate in summer development skates.  The players really like wearing them, so we offer them.  Nothing more than that.
  • You will purchase and manage the order directly with K&B.  Mars Hockey will not be facilitating orders, pick-up and delivery.
  • Choosing a number does NOT assign/designate that number for your player in future years of Mars Hockey at any level.
  • For next season's Jr Planets/MS2 team, we MAY NOT use these jerseys for game play as we did last season.  Please do not purchase with that in mind.
  • Please do not purchase the formal Mars MS & HS Game Jerseys ($114 ones) for any reason.  K&B will not permit it per Mars Hockey policy. Those jerseys are reserved for Middle School, JV, and Varsity players only. You may purchase socks, shells, bags, bottles, and other Mars Hockey apparel from the K&B web site to your heart's desire.
  • K&B link: