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Official Statement from the Board

By Brian Crowley, 11/06/21, 11:15AM EDT


The Mars Hockey Club Board of Directors has issued a statement in response to multiple media inquiries about October 28th incident:

As everyone is aware, this issue has received attention on a scale unlike anything that this Club has seen before. Although we cannot respond to every inquiry, the Mars Hockey Club Board of Directors has prepared a general statement on the issue:

The Mars Hockey Club wishes to honor and protect the privacy of our goalie.  Our top priority is to facilitate a safe and healthy environment where she, and all of our student athletes, can continue to do what they love: play hockey. 

Clearly, the incident that happened on October 28 was completely unacceptable and the entire hockey community must take steps to ensure that any similar conduct will never happen again. We are hopeful that the attention this incident has drawn will shed light on the issues our female athletes face which must not be tolerated and that this attention will help with eliminating this type of conduct from our sport. 

We are appreciative of the outpouring of support for her and join the many in voicing our support.  We are proud of our goalie both as a student athlete and for her resilience in persevering though these events.  Above all, we look forward to having her back on the ice having fun and stopping pucks for Mars.

 Mars Hockey Club Board of Directors